The commercial life of a vessel is often determined by the cargoes carried, the trading pattern and the standard of technical management. However, the underlying and cardinal factor that drives a vessel's longevity and its consequently market value, is the quality - i.e. the design and construction of a vessel's build.

Therefore, in addition to providing clients with leading services to maintain asset value during the commercial operations of a vessel, we are also dedicated to ensuring that our clients have the best possible asset upon delivery. We believe a diligent supervision of a ship's quality is of utmost importance in the scope of services we provide.

At Fleet Management Limited, we lead an experienced and knowledgeable New Building Supervision team. From the design phase to overseeing the construction and actual delivery of the vessel, we provide an inclusive one-stop end-to-end service for your every needs and requirements.

Our industry leading team of naval architects, structural engineers, electrical and Control engineers, ex Chief Engineers, NACE II certified Paint Inspectors and ex-class surveyors are deeply involved in each step of a newbuilding project. In a typical project lifecycle, we:

  • Help design the vessel to match your objectives;
  • Help to identify and vet suitable Yards and Sub Contractors;
  • Provide strategic advise relating to specifications and equipment (and their manufacturers) that are to be installed in the vessel;
  • Diligently negotiate ship building contracts from both a technical and commercial perspective;
  • Manage a full-team of supervisors at the site to oversee all aspects of the construction,
  • Analyze the results of, and participate in all key trials, whether tank tests, or sea trials; and
  • Co-ordinate all timelines, teams, to manage the process on behalf of the owner.

Furthermore, we constantly review regulations and explore best practices from our more than 300 vessels under full technical management, continuously striving for the best design and performance.

In keeping with our transparent approach, our new building teams use a customized web application that places all drawings and plan approvals on line; serves as a platform to store daily inspection reports; allows the documentation of defects and issues observed during daily patrol inspections; stores reports on shop tests; and makes available weekly and monthly reports which can be accessed live by Class, Owners and Yard. The user-friendly platform provides an excellent tool for our clients to monitor the progress of their prized new building assets from wherever they chose to be.

Having undertaken such services on behalf of over 100 vessels of various types, including bulk carriers, cargo carriers, oil tankers, gas carriers, and chemical tankers, from yards across major ship building nations, including Japan, Korea and China, we can confidently guarantee that your vessels under our supervision will receive the greatest care.

  • One-stop end-to-end service, from the design phase to overseeing the construction and delivery of the vessel
  • Diligent supervision to ensure the best possible asset upon delivery
  • A customized web application that stores all plans with reporting online for progress monitoring
  • Over 100 vessels delivered to satisfied customers worldwide


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