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Since our inception, we have been characterized as transparent, committed, and relationship-focused. Through this, we provide world-class service and maintain long-term partnerships with our clients. As such, we are always prepared to listen and act on the demands and expectations of any potential customers.

Over the last two decades, that proactive approach has helped Fleet Management pioneer many of the crewing, safety, and technical standards that have now become benchmarks in the industry. In particular through our award-winning (Intelligent 20, Gold iNOVA) proprietary Planning And Reporting Infrastructure For Ship (PARIS) software - a cloud-based system that we have specifically developed to further enhance our overall competitiveness in the market place - we are able to provide ship owners with an online real-time dashboard showing every facet of the vessel's performance, condition, and profitability, all in just a few clicks of the mouse.

With PARIS and our dedicated team across different countries, we are therefore able to let our superintendents and owners alike to keep in close contact with the vessels, ensuring seamless measurement and transfer operations between the vessels and the offices.

Furthermore, in every stage of our service, we attentively analyze each individual vessel's conditions with our efficient and reliable maintenance system - PARIS PMS, and generate reports that are diligently being examined by our experienced technical management team at regular intervals.

At Fleet Management Limited, we are proud to say that information flow is no longer restricted by speed, time, and place - the crucial factors that affect first class ship management.

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  • Award-winning (Intelligent 20, Gold iNOVA) cloud-based system, PARIS, for providing real-time information of vessels
  • Seamless measurement and transfer operations between the vessels and the offices
  • Regular report generation with close examination by professional technical management teams


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